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My Story

I found yoga as I moved toward retirement from working in the health service as a nurse and a manager. In the beginning I was focused on my physical aches and pains. I soon discovered that yoga is so much more than postures as I learnt about breath work, and meditation.


Over time, I have found an inner balance and steadiness in my life through yoga. I have learnt to adapt my practice to fit my physical limitations. Breathwork and meditation have been invaluable aids to maintain my physical and mental wellbeing.


Although I am not a practicing Buddhist, I am drawn to the image of the Enso Circle. Zen Buddhists paint the circle in one breath and with one brush stroke, the circle is described as perfectly imperfect; symbolising harmony, cooperation, and a meditative state. This resonates with my approach to yoga. 

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My Approach

I have found such joy in my yoga practice that I have trained as a yoga teacher with Yoga By Nature.  I teach Hatha Yoga in a thoughtful and gentle approach, drawing on my own experience of developing and maintaining a yoga practice through life transitions.

Images in the media may have led you to believe that yoga isn’t for you because you seem to be the “wrong” age or shape or perhaps the poses seem too hard. But yoga is for everyone regardless of age, shape, flexibility, or fitness level.

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